Research Overview

Thanks to the dedication of our brilliant Project Nightingale participants, we now have a dataset of daily self-reported symptoms and behaviours for approximately 200 people with axial SpA. And the dataset just keeps growing! In 2021, we will be coming up to our fourth year of the project and are excited for what's to come. On this page, you can stay up to date with all of our currently published articles. Although there may not be too many at the moment, we have a team of researchers currently working with the data and have exciting results hopefully coming soon.

Conference papers

EULAR, June 2020
Daily self-reported flare profiles in axial spondyloarthritis: Associations between flare, symptoms and behaviour.
Barnett, R., Ng, S., Jones, S., Young, M. & Sengupta, R., 5 Jun 2020.

BSR, April 2020
P274 Association of self-reported symptoms and behaviour in axSpA: initial analyses from the Project Nightingale study.
Barnett, R., Ng, S., Jones, S., Young, M. & Sengupta, R., Apr 2020.


We are yet to publish a full manuscript utilising the Project Nightingale data. However, thanks to our participants, we now have a unique, granular, comprehensive ~2-year dataset which is currently being analysed for research purposes.

2 manuscripts are currently in preparation, with an additional manuscript at the submission stage. Any updates will be immediately published to this page, and via our research assistant Rosie's twitter (@RosieBarnett95)! We hope to have more updates for you soon :)

Information for researchers

Enquiries about the Project Nightingale dataset should be directed to Rosie Barnett via