Project Nightingale FAQs

What do I need to complete?

It would be great if you completed the motif (from the home page) and the daily questionnaire (from the settings tab).

How often do I use the app?

If you complete these once a day, at the same sort of time each day, that will ensure we have consistent results. You can, of course, complete more than once a day if you feel it appropriate.

Do I have to use a fitness device to take part?

In short, no. The fitness information will be incredibly useful but if you don’t own a device or app, please join anyway. The information you can provide on the motif and daily questionnaire will be extremely valuable as it is.

How to pair a device?

If you are an Apple user, you will need to activate Apple Health Kit in Settings. If you have another device, you will need to pair it with Project Nightingale from the ‘devices’ section – you may need account details for your app / device to help you complete this.

Where can I see the data I have entered?

The data you enter will be captured and can be seen from the ‘My Data’ tab on the home page. If you have paired a device or activated Apple Health Kit please check My Data after 24 hours to ensure that your activity is being shown.

Who else will be able to see my data?

Individual-level data will only be accessible by yourself and your clinician. However, if you are interested in your data being used for research to help the wider axial spondyloarthritis community, please ask your clinician about consenting to the Bath Spondyloarthritis Biobank. Your data would be anonymised and kept on safe, secure servers. This would allow researchers to analyse your anonymised data to gain a better understanding of the condition and to hopefully help others. This data would not include your name, email address or any other information that can identify you. All your data is kept protected and secure, and you can request for it to be deleted at any time by emailing If you are interested in participating in research, or have any questions or concerns, please email our research assistant Rosie who would be more than happy to discuss this with you (

Is there some where I can add any comments I have about my day?

If there is an event you feel worthy of capturing as you feel it may have impacted your results, please capture it in the Daily Diary on the home page. This might include an accident you had or an event you attended. For those of you tracking your menstrual cycle you may like to include where in your cycle you are here.

Can I enter data retrospectively?

You can enter motif data retrospectively. Once you have added your results to the motif, click on the ‘today’ tab at the bottom of screen and choose the day / time you are adding the information for.

Can I set up a reminder?

The app does include one automatic reminder at 1830 each evening but of course you can set up individual reminders on your mobile device if that helps.

Does the optional "screen time" petal question relate to mobile phone/computer/tablet screen time only or does it include total screen time including watching TV?

This petal refers to total screen time - including watching TV.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to get in contact with our research assistant Rosie, who would be more than happy to talk through any queries you may have.
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