And we are finally back with the regular blog posts…

Hi everyone – if you are new to the blog, then welcome! I hope that everyone is keeping well during these strange times.

2020 has been a bit of a hectic, unprecedented time for us all (although I am sure we are all fed up of hearing this word!). However, things are finally beginning to slowly calm down for us now at the hospital. With the virtual 2-week axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) rehabilitation course beginning next week in Bath, it certainly feels like things are finally, slowly returning to a new normal – although, temporarily in an adaptive, innovative, but very different format.

Next month we will be posting a more general research update, to provide a brief summary of key research publications to come out over the past year in axSpA. However, today we thought we would provide more of a Project Nightingale specific update.

Although we have been quiet on the blog, our researchers have been busy – with two conference abstracts published over the past few months, and a research paper manuscript currently in preparation. We also have a podcast episode planned with the lovely Mel from the Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases (BIRD), who I am sure many of you will be familiar with. This should hopefully be recorded in early October, so we will keep you posted on when and where this podcast, and the others in the axSpA series will be published! Thank you BIRD for the opportunity.

Also, super excitingly, we have recently received support from the Sir Halley Stewart Trust – who have funded a full-time researcher to work on this project! Rosie Barnett has been working on the project previously in her spare time, but since the end of August 2020, will now be full-time Project Nightingale. Many of you may have met her already at one of our Project Nightingale information days, or at the recent National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society (NASS) members day ( She is super excited to continue working on the project full-time and looks forward to the months ahead! Thank you so much Sir Halley Stewart Trust for your support.

Most importantly, thank you to all of you who are still entering data into the Project Nightingale app, and who have signed up to participate in our research. Your time and effort is hugely appreciated! We hope to have some more publication updates / Project Nightingale-specific updates come out in the next year or so, so please stay tuned to find out more.

In the meantime, please check out our posters linked below, and the links to our online published abstracts. Stanley Ng from our partner charity White Swan has also been busy working on the analyses for the new manuscript in preparation – looking at novel, daily flare profiles in axSpA. We are all very excited about the results as we explore them in more detail and look forward to sharing them with you all once we can!

As always, if you are interested in the project and would like to get in touch, please email Rosie at, and she will be happy to discuss with you. If you are on twitter, you can also follow @RosieBarnett95 for regular research and Project Nightingale updates, including notifications for new blog posts!

Thank you for reading and have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

Best wishes,

The Project Nightingale Team

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